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wow this is cool i feel accepted.

The following is an excerpt from a book I read called Lies (and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them). it's by Al Franken.

We don't live in a race-blind society. Two professors, one from M.I.T., the other from the University of Chicago, proved it with an elegant experiment. The professors selected 1,250 job advertisements in Boston and Chicago. To each employer, they submitted two pairs of made-up resumes. One pair of highly qualified candidates and one pair of average candidates. In each pair, one had a "black" name like Tamika or Tyrone and one had a "white" name like Amy or Brad. The professors found that the "white" names were 50 percent more likely to be called for an interview than the "black" names.

I used to believe with you, scott, but I've changed my mind. to overcome this problem, we can either wait 100 years for most racist feelings to fade and racial walls to fall, naturally giving non-white people an even chance to get high-paying jobs and run for office, or we can over-compensate now and speed the process.

by the way... who are you, scott?

finally, I would like to correct myself. in a previous post I said that the non-white population is greater than the white population, but I was wrong. please accept my apologies.

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