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He was actually elected to the post of chancellor. and Mein Kampf actually is very interesting, and I want to read it, as it is one long rant........I can't think of a much cooler book then the rantings of a mass murderer......


on another note, there is an anti-flag song entitled "anatomy of your enemy" that ends with a rather empowering rant. i don't think it is part of some other speach but that is entirely possible. whatever, here you go:

We are not countries. We are not nations. We are not religions.
We are not gods. We are not weapons. We are not ammunition. We are not killers.
We will NOT be tools.

Mother fuckers
I will not die
I will not kill
I will not be your slave
I will not fight your battles
I will not die on your battlefield
I will not fight for your wealth
I am not a fighter

yeah, feels good... go on give it a try... shout it out... you know you want to...

He was elected to the post of prime minister. After the chancellor [either died or quit (can't remember)] He became Chancellor of Germany. At that point, he was an elected official. BUT he declared himself dictator, with out anyone's approval. Therefore, he was not an elected official.

He wrote a book something like 3 years before he was elected where he outlined what he was going to do once he became dictator. It details everything. My theory is that, he was only elected b/c his book was so fricking boring that no one read it.

Possibly. But you can ignore that and still consider that Hitler was elected fair and square. The good guys don't always win, and the bad guys often look good anyway.


2000? Are you making reference to George W. Bush's legitimate election?


Vote them down? That sure worked in 2000. And Hitler was an elected official, ya know.

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