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YES, Scott.

The problem with A. A. is that its racist. It is no more legal to discriminate against the majority then the minority. Most people wont do this, but I will say it flat out: I'm White. I don't want some fricking minority kid getting my college slot because he's a minority. If he earns it, fine. Make them work, don't give them a free lunch.

And it is based on a fallacy. It is based on the thought that racism exists. This is a fallacy because it is an assumption, and therefore cannot be the basis for a law. Laws must be based in fact, not assumptions.

I had a history teacher break it down for me once. The reason that Christians are persecuted in public schools while other religions run amok is that rich Jews hire lawyers, while white Christians are afraid of being called racist.

And why are white congressmen passing these laws? If its so hard for minorities in colleges, Let them run for congress and do something about it. No one was complaining, except maybe Jessie Jackson. He is a bigot, and so he doesn't count based on his own reasoning.

White pride, baby, White pride.

what happened? why hasn't anyone else posted?

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